Wednesday - November 21, 2018

Bayer to enable access to glyphosate study summaries

As a leading life-science company, we embrace our responsibility to communicate how we assess our products’ safety – and we recognize that people around the world want more information around glyphosate. That’s why we intend to offer access to glyphosate-related safety summary data next month on this website, our dedicated transparency platform.

The safety summaries will be made available on 7 December 2018, a step marking the first anniversary of our Transparency Initiative. In addition to the summaries, next year we will enable access to the underlying safety study reports – those owned by Bayer and submitted for the review that led to the European substance renewal decision in December 2017.

As we move forward as a combined company, transparency remains core to our mission; as such, we continue our commitment to using our transparency platform as a springboard for an informed, science-based dialog.

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