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Get Connected

Science has given the world countless innovations: from telecommunications that help us stay in touch with friends and family, to technologies that enable doctors to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses. And it’s the same process – science – that allows us to develop innovative products that support farmers in providing the world with safe, healthy and nutritious food at a reasonable price.

Safety is our top priority – we are fully confident in the integrity of our scientific research and the safety of our products. That is why we have decided to make our safety studies publicly available on this website. As time goes, we will continue to add more information, including studies from around the world.

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Are you a scientist with a great idea?

Science for a Better Life is our mission. But we think that we can achieve more by working together. This is why we collaborate with scientists and innovators through initiatives like Open Innovation and Bayer CoLaborator because the application of knowledge obtained across the scientific community can only help us accelerate the development of breakthrough technologies. What is your great idea?